Calendula Ointment 15g (Pack of 4)

Heals cuts, wounds and scars, Smoothens chapped lips, rough elbows and cracked heels



Introducing our Calendula Infused Healing Cream, a versatile solution designed to address multiple skin concerns with the natural power of Calendula officinalis. Formulated to effectively treat cuts, wounds, chapped lips, and rough elbows, this cream offers comprehensive care for your skin’s healing and hydration needs.

Calendula officinalis, known for its potent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, takes center stage in our innovative formula. This botanical powerhouse accelerates the healing process by reducing inflammation, preventing infection, and promoting tissue regeneration. Whether it’s a minor cut, scrape, or abrasion, our cream provides gentle yet effective relief, helping your skin recover faster and more comfortably.

In addition to its healing benefits, Calendula also works wonders for dry, chapped lips and elbows. Its emollient properties deeply moisturize and nourish the skin, restoring softness and suppleness with every application. Say goodbye to rough, cracked lips and elbows, and hello to smooth, rejuvenated skin that looks and feels its best.

Crafted with care and integrity, our Calendula Infused Healing Cream is free from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and artificial additives. We prioritize purity and quality, sourcing only the finest natural ingredients to deliver results you can trust. Whether you have sensitive skin or simply prefer clean beauty products, our cream provides gentle yet effective care for the whole family.

Experience the transformative benefits of Calendula with our Calendula Infused Healing Cream. From cuts and wounds to chapped lips and elbows, let nature’s healing touch revitalize and renew your skin. Embrace holistic skincare with a product that’s as gentle on the earth as it is on your skin.


Calendula Officinalis Q, Balsamum Peruvianum Q, Excipients (Parafin Soft & Lanolin) Q.s. to 5 g


Apply in the effected area atleast 2 times daily or as per required.

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