About Us

Good health is one of today’s most important challenges faced by humans. For around 30 years Similia Research Laboratory Private Limited has been committed to improving people’s health and quality of life. Similia Research Laboratory Private Limited is a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company that controls the whole process from the preservation of the herbs to the production of the finished medicines.

We do so by researching and developing medicines and healthcare products. Our goal is to create value through innovation. 

We are actively shaping the company’s future in a changing and challenging global market. Our goal is to create and maintain our market leadership in providing world-class homeopathic patent medicines, dilutions, and titrations by introducing our products into new markets, expanding our network of affiliates and distribution partners, and providing more extensive access to our healthcare solutions and making Homoeopathy more relevant and serve the people extensively.

The commitment, experience, and creativity of our employees are the source of our success. At Similia Research Laboratory Private Limited we share a common vision: “From Nature For Health”. 

Why Use Our Medicine

Our aim is to provide prime quality products at a fair price. Similia Research Laboratory’s commitment to ‘No Compromise with Quality’ with a lot of emphasis on cleanliness, bacteria, and dust-free working environment. The production plant has its own water distillation unit to meet its total requirements. Only the purest ingredients are used after prolonged research and thorough testing at every stage. No safeguard has been omitted in their manufacture and we submit that to the profession with the confident belief that there are no finer therapeutic agents of their Class obtainable.

A quality assurance laboratory checks the quality of all our raw materials and packing materials and the finished products. All incoming herbs and other raw materials are tested for their pharmacopoeial requirements and are compared with authentic preserved samples that are used as set samples. Homeopathic Triturations are prepared scientifically in up-to-date methods by automatic machines and under the able guidance of qualified experts. Holland-made sugar and standard Crude Drugs are used for the purpose.

Cutting-edge technology is used to assure quality control. Our analytical laboratory is one of the most highly sophisticated ones in the country, which helps to maintain high standards of quality expected of leaders in this business. We have a well-equipped testing laboratory which is maintained by a team of highly qualified technical staff including experts in homeopathy to constantly guide and advise on the various aspects of homeopathic manufacture and quality control.

Our stores of manufactured medicines are well managed with extensive racking system and we maintain a totally hygienic environment in the premises, we provide distinct zones for each product. The total inventory in the store is computer-controlled. 

History & Tradition 

Our story began in Arrah, a small town in Bihar in 1992. In the 1990s era when the boom of new businesses started in India a humble partner of that spring was Similia Research Laboratory. To adhere and grow in such a time is nothing short of a miracle which was achieved with sheer hard work and the vision of our Founder Dr. Mohammad Anwar. Started with a basic clinic and practice, the company is now grown into a multiple-production unit Company. Earning a reliable name in the parts of India served and earning the trust of all our users. 

The enthusiasm for homeopathy and research drives us at Similia Research Laboratory. All the Formulation of our products is based on the Clinical research done by Dr. Md. Anwar and the team of prominent homeopaths and research development in our experimental, therapeutics, and Analytical Laboratory. 

All the formulations are approved by the advisory committee of Homoeopathy and the Drug Control of Bihar.

Mother Tincture, Dilution, and Homoeopathic Trituration are manufactured with fresh and genuine herbs and original Crude Drugs. We manufacture under the supervision of expert Chemists and we strictly follow the direction given in the Homoeopathic Pharmacopeia. Homoeo-potentised medicine is also prepared with original back Potencies.

Our all research Homoeopathic patent products are result-oriented and have been approved and acclaimed by the professions and they are most effective, superior, and of standard quality.


History of Homeopathy

Over 200 years ago, a German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), developed a system of medical treatment called Homeopathy. Based on his observations and experiments, he formulated the Principle of Similarity, which states that substances that cause reactions in a healthy body or mind can be used in an extremely diluted form to treat the same reactions when part of a disease process.

He devoted his life to developing this system, in part by performing Provings, in which healthy humans are given small experimental doses of the substance to gauge the effects. Hahnemann proved almost every remedy of his time on himself while he was alive.

In 1810, Dr. Hahnemann published the first edition of the Organon. Five more editions appeared during his lifetime; the sixth was written in 1842 and published posthumously. Even today, every serious study of homeopathy begins with the Organon. The most advanced homeopaths base their practice on the 6th Organon. See FAQs.

Principles of Homeopathy

Samuel Hahnemann’s revolutionary system of healing is based on the four fundamental principles:
• the law of similars
• the single remedy,
• the minimal dose, and
the potentized remedy

The law of similars

The total picture of the patient should be as similar as possible to the drug picture of the selected remedy. This is known as “similia similibus curentur” or “likes cure likes.” This principle states that any remedy that can make you ill also can cure you – if customized to fit the individual. That is why the same illness in two patients may call for two different remedies.

The single remedy

“Unitary” or, more often termed, “classical” homeopathy means that only one remedy is given at a time because only one remedy can correspond properly to a patient’s complete condition. A prescription that doesn’t aim for this totality isn’t homeopathic. Homeopathy is based on provings, and there have never been provings done on a combination remedy.

The minimal dose

Remedies are diluted to extremely small or infinitesimal doses. That’s because in homeopathy, less is more. This also allows almost any substance to be used as remedies without any side effects. Homeopathic remedies are thought to work on a deep plane and resonate with the body, triggering a positive healing response from the person’s own vital force.

The potentized remedy

The disease occurs on an energetic level. So does homeopathy. All remedies undergo a process to increase their healing energy — first, dilution of ingredients, then vigorous shaking (succussion). It is believed that when a remedy is succussed or shaken vigorously, the water molecules take on a photographic memory of the original substance. The more a remedy is diluted, the stronger its ability to stimulate healing becomes.


A carefully chosen homeopathic medicine stimulates the body’s healing process. The idea is to gently encourage the movement toward health. A remedy that is too strong or given too often can result in an aggravation, where symptoms are temporarily intensified. While some homeopaths believe an aggravation is necessary to procure healing, this isn’t so. However, aggravations are sometimes unavoidable if there have been many years of suppression of symptoms with western medications.


A homeopathic remedy must be customized to fit the individual with that disease, an approach called “individualization.” The totality of the symptoms gathered — physical, emotional, and mental — will guide the homeopath to the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Vital Force

According to homeopathic thinking, a disease originates from a disturbance of the patient’s “vital force.” This is the essential energy that sustains life. Homeopathic remedies seek to restore balance and fundamental strength to the life force.