Femasol-S 225 ml (Pack of 2)

This homeopathic medicine targets menstrual issues like excessive bleeding, delayed periods, and associated mental or physical weakness. It aims to address these concerns through highly diluted natural substances thought to rebalance the body’s responses during menstruation.



In many societies, there persists a prevalent hesitancy and stigma surrounding discussions about menstruation. This cultural taboo often leads to a lack of open dialogue and education about menstrual health. Many individuals, especially in certain cultures or communities, feel uncomfortable discussing or learning about menstruation due to deep-rooted societal norms, shame, or embarrassment associated with this natural bodily process. This silence and lack of awareness can contribute to misinformation, inhibiting access to crucial knowledge and resources necessary for managing menstrual health effectively. Breaking this taboo is essential to foster a more inclusive and informed environment, enabling open conversations and providing necessary support and education for all individuals regarding menstrual health and hygiene.

This specialised homeopathic medicine is crafted to address a spectrum of menstrual irregularities encompassing delayed periods, intense menstrual pain, mental and physical exhaustion, and amenorrhea.

Senecio Aureus Q: Included for its potential to address irregularities in menstrual cycles, Senecio Aureus in its highly diluted form aims to potentially aid in regulating delayed periods.

Pulsatilla Nigricans Q: This ingredient, when highly diluted, is often used in homeopathy for menstrual irregularities. It’s to assist in balancing hormonal fluctuations associated with delayed or irregular menstruation.

Ashoka Q: Extracted from the Ashoka tree, this component is purported to have effects on menstrual health, potentially aiding in regulating periods and addressing associated symptoms like pain and fatigue.

Ferrum Muriaticum: Included for its potential in addressing menstrual issues such as excessive bleeding or delayed periods, Ferrum Muriaticum in homeopathy is believed to influence blood flow and alleviate associated discomfort.

Viburnum Opulus 12X: At this high dilution, Viburnum Opulus is thought to have an impact on uterine health and menstrual irregularities, potentially alleviating cramps and aiding in regulating the menstrual cycle.

The selection of these highly diluted natural substances is guided by the foundational principle of homeopathy.

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